Usually scheduled once or twice a week, the General French courses will help you in the long term to get more confidence when speaking and writing in the French language. Thanks to those tailor-made classes which don’t take too much time per week, you will learn exactly what you need each time.

Your teacher will focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and conjugation difficulties that you will encounter during the course. This will be the start of your progress. In between every two lessons, you will have homework or activities to do in order to challenge your listening, writing, translating and reading skills.

During the course, conversation will be the starting point to get more into the language details.

Each course will rely on different techniques :

  • Reading out-loud of an article, explanation of specific vocabulary and replying to questions as a discussion with your teacher
  • Presentation of a grammar lesson and accomplishment of exercises from a book that I will recommend to you in order to learn French as a foreign language
  • Description of a picture in order to use your French vocabulary and learn new words
  • Replying to questions about French culture and French expressions
  • Role playing to practice your speaking and understanding skills
  • Watching  a very short video (a few minutes) and discussion about the subject

Examples of homework and activities to learn French at home between two lessons :

  • Finish the exercises on the topic we have seen in class
  • Read my posts on and choose one of them to discuss at the next course
  • Translating of a short text from English to French
  • Listening to radio extract and replying to questions
  • Watching short-movies without audio and writing of the history
  • Listening to a song and reading  the lyrics

If you need to learn French quickly, we can schedule as many classes per week as you need. You can read our Intensive Program page.