Hello ! My name is Aurélia. I am a certified teacher and a native French speaker. I got the certification from the CAVILAM – Alliance Française “Enseigner le Français langue étrangère aujourd’hui » and I started to give live online French classes in 2018.

I had the chance to meet a multicultural environment starting from primary school and I was used to listening to various languages at my friends’ house : Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Polish, Chinese, Italian. And I already loved that. Speaking with natives is the most efficient way to learn a language !! I have been learning English at school but more efficiently spending summers in Dublin and Vancouver when I was a teenager. Then I headed towards Marketing and International Project Management studies in Paris, which led me to live for 6 months in Bangkok and 3 months in India. I did work in “open space” for multinational companies in Paris for some time before flying to the US to refresh my English, 3 months in New York and Miami. Back in France, I spent 3 years in a ski resort working in Hospitality Management, hosting more than half of foreign clients.

From now on, I dedicate myself to French courses. I can’t wait to help you improve your skills and feel more confident when speaking or writing in French.

So far, I have been teaching various students:

  • Expats living in France
  • Students abroad preparing for the DELF in order to enter university in France
  • Retired people in their home country just for the love of speaking French or to feel more confident on their next holidays in France
  • Foreign workers in France willing to upgrade their French language skills
  • Children living in an anglophone country

I have been teaching :

  • For 4 years
  • Online from France
  • Students from different countries, languages and ages
  • Adults and children
  • General French, Conversation skills, DELF / DALF / TCF preparation, French for professionals

I particularly enjoy :

  • Meeting new international students
  • Doing the course outside when the weather is good
  • Sharing French culture, cooking, reading, grammar tips and events in France on my Facebook page.
  • Sharing pictures and location of my excursions in France on my Instagram to give you travelling ideas
  • Updating my knowledge and teaching practices with short training online or in class.

I can speak :

  • English fluently
  • Spanish basically
  • German basically